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Machining and producing woodworking inside SOLIDWORKS

SWOOD CAM manages NC machines dedicated to woodworking and their technologies.
Create your programs and production documents directly inside SOLIDWORKS.

Integration into SOLIDWORKS
  • Manufacturing treeview in Feature Manager
  • Tools, Agregates and machining macros library in Task Pane
  • Insert library items by drag & drop
  • Machining simulation in the SOLIDWORKS view including machine environment
  • Panel an worktable devices positioning in the SOLIDWORKS view

  • Multiple spindles, multiple drilling aggregate and horizontal spindle
  • Multiple Head
  • Chip suction and deflector management
  • Automatic modulation of feed speed according to grain direction
  • Blocked on flat table or with consoles and suction cups
  • Laser projection
  • Multiple positionning
  • Parametric worktable management
  • Woodworking cycle: grooving, sawing, mortising, tenoning
  • Nesting as an option

  • Numerous NC machines already managed thanks to a customisable machine code
    • HOMAG
    • SCM
    • BIESSE
    • IMA
    • ...
  • Time file export

  • Customized production documents generation
    • Cut list
    • Programs list
    • Tools list
    • Labels (with barcode)
    • ...
  • Batch encoding and full project export

  • Full associativity between SOLIDWORKS geometric entities and machining.
  • Additional machining rules defined using configuration, custom properties, features status.
  • Automatic and optimised drilling with drilling aggregate.